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ANTHONY TOLLIN began his professional comics career in 1973 at Warren (as assistant editor of VAMPIRELLA, EERIE and FAMOUS MONSTERS) and also worked for Tony Isabella at Marvel before beginning his 20-year career at DC Comics the following year.


After serving as DC's head proofreader and a staff artist, Tollin became assistant production manager-color coordinator, overseeing all color work and reproduction at DC. In 1981, Anthony went freelance as a colorist under exclusive contract and over the next dozen years colored half the DC covers and such legendary series as SUPERMAN, GREEN LANTERN, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, AMBUSH BUG, INFINITY INC., WARLORD, THE SHADOW STRIKES, DOC SAVAGE, FLASH GORDON and THE PHANTOM, while also co-coloring the BATMAN and NEW TEEN TITANS titles with his late wife, Adrienne Roy.


Tollin also colored MICKEY MOUSE and DONALD DUCK for Disney Comics and NATIONAL LAMPOON's Sunday newspaper parody, co-authored THE SHADOW SCRAPBOOK with creator Walter Gibson, and authored over 70 old-time radio historical books for the Smithsonian Institution and Radio Spirits, while also scripting the WHEN RADIO WAS syndicated series (hosted by Stan Freberg), broadcasting histories narrated by Walter Cronkite and serving as historical consultant of MARTIAN MANIA, hosted by AVATAR's James Cameron.


More recently, Tollin was editor-publisher of Sanctum Books' classic pulp reprints of THE SHADOW, DOC SAVAGE, THE SPIDER, BLACK BAT and other classic pulp characters.

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