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Chris Shehan is an American comic book artist living in Austin, Texas, best known for his work in the American comic book market with multiple publishers, working on interior art, cover art and concept art.


Chris is the artist and co-creator of the Vault Comic Nightfall series, The Autumnal, with New York Times Best Selling author, Daniel Kraus. Also renowned for their work on BOOM! Studios hit titles, House of Slaughter (Something is Killing the Children spin-off series) and Specs.


Chris has also done various other cover and interior work for BOOM! Studios, Black Mask Studios, Scout Comics, Vault Comics, Titan Books, Penguin Random House and AfterLight Comics, and more, including titles such as Denizen, Prometheus, Deadbeat, The Plot, Red Winter, Wendigo Wood and many more.


Chris is currently working on two new books coming soon, as well as multiple covers for a variety of publishers. 

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