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Freelance artist extraordinaire…least that’s what best describes me. I’ve worked in art most of my life. I’ve done art for past conventions, commissions, game art as well as game client avatars for companies like Dragon’s Eye Productions, Shimacon and Chimaeracon. I’ve made plushies, done sewing projects, jewelry, murals, paintings, coloring books, and lots of other crafty works of art throughout my life. Yet comics are what I continue to do most.


My current projects include “Fallen”, “Plush”, “Twisted Existence” and “Coiled Love”. “Fallen” is actually a jewel of an endeavor that has taken years to mold as a story and now fleshed out as a comic while “Plush” is new to the table to practice speed, coloring, lettering, and story, to fill in working gaps while I work on “Fallen”. “Twisted Existence” is an oldie that’s getting a facelift after a hard drive failure years ago made me lose all the digital files for it. And lastly, “Coiled Love” is a wonderful commissioned comic from an incredible fan and friend.

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