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Val was born in Youngstown, Ohio. As a young adult, he worked in steel mills to pay his way through college.

Under the auspices of Dan Adkins, Val got his first assignment at Marvel Comics: a series featuring the barbarian Thongor.

From there, he went on to illustrate the classic monster series of the Frankenstein Monster and the Living Mummy and was the co-creator of Howard the Duck. He has worked for almost every major comic book publisher.

Since the 90's, Val has done most of his work in the advertising industry working on storyboards and the like, which he continues to do. If interested in hiring Val for ad industry work, use the contact form to get in touch.

Val has recently been inspired to come back to the world of comics, which has seen a new creative renaissance over the last few years.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, he is currently working on Of Dust and Blood, an Original Graphic Novel about Little Big Horn. He is also illustrating an upcoming story in the comic series Angel Punk (part of an upcoming run in Dark Horse Presents).

Val also paints western art and is an avid horseman.

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